Carol in Stamford, CT:

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for coming out and checking the new garbage disposal you installed. After you removed the drain pipes and showed me what the problem was, it was clear I was trying to stuff too much debris thru the disposal. Although it was clearly not your fault, you did not charge me, thank you".      
Betty in Norwalk, CT: 

"Thank you so much for making my home look so beautiful ! I look forward to pulling into my driveway every day to see my beautiful home. I look forward to working with your company again".

 Joyce in Norwalk, CT:

 "The idea of a complete kitchen and bathroom renovation at the same time was an overwhelming thought. Thank you, everything looks great. Do not hesitate to use me as a reference".

 Bridget in Jacksonville, FL:

 "As you're first customer here in Jacksonville we could not be happier. Great job on the paint and tile work. Welcome to Jacksonville and best of luck".

 Raymond Homes in Norwalk, CT:

 "We have always been happy with your apartment repairs and paintinG. The office staff loves the office renovation and I realize how difficult it was relocating all those wires including the tenant call box relocation and wiring".

 Laurie & Matt in Westport, CT:

"1 Stop Remodeling & Painting could not be a better name. We thought of hiring the different trades for our kitchen and family room renovation but you put them together for us and still submitted a competitive price".

 Theresa in Greenwich, CT:

"When we started looking for a painting company to paint the interior and exterior of the new home we just purchased, your company was the only one to point out that because our house was built prior to 1978, it was subject to the Environmental Protection Agency Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Regulation if lead paint was found on any surface. Your test to verify lead findings was positive and we would never have known we would be endangering our three children, ourselves, and the environment. My husband and I are thankful we were lucky enough to have had your company‚Äôs up to date knowledge, honesty and ability to have had the proper training and certification to accomplish our painting project professionally and responsibility. I have been telling all our friends about the new Environmental Regulations to educate them as well".

Judy in Port Charlotte, FL:

"Thanks Charlie, your Wind Mitigation Report saved us quite a bit on our insurance premium".

Robert in Wilton, CT: 

"Your men could not have done a better job. They were on time each morning, worked hard and completed the project as agreed".

Kristen in Port Charlotte, FL:

"After you power washed our roof, house and driveway, I'd swear it looks like a brand new home".
Frank in Port Charlotte, FL:

"Thank you for such a detailed inspection on the home we were going to purchase. Most issues were expected but not the termites !! We are still shopping and as soon as we find our house, you'll hear from us."o purchase. Most issues were expected but not the termites !! We are still shopping and as soon as we find our house, you'll hear from us".

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