What is the home renovation trend for 2023?

Expect projects such as updating cabinets, changing countertops, adding lamps, changing faucets, and replacing old appliances to take center stage in the New Year. Spa-worthy bathing is still a popular bathroom remodeling trend. However, with each passing year, advances in technology introduce new ideas for improving your home spa. End the spa feeling with finishes and features that give your bathroom a complete spa atmosphere.

There's nothing better than saying “spa” like a palette of whites with touches of natural wood or a dressing table with a touch of the colors of the moment (try Pantone's Viva Magenta) and a complementary shade of wood. Your custom bathroom vanity is a great place to use natural wood tones. On your bathroom floor, use durable, luxurious vinyl tiles that look like wood or ceramic tiles that are made to look impressive like hardwood. Trends in bathroom tiles are diversifying into new and unique forms and in vintage memories with visual interest.

Terrazzo has been rising again for a few years because of its unique design, but also because of its capacity for customization and durability. It is available in almost any color and is ideal for shower walls, countertops or floors. If you plan to age in your permanent home, incorporate features that help you before you need them. Your bathroom design could easily meet future accessibility needs with a few small considerations.

For example, place outlets and switches in easily accessible places, build a large curbless shower with seats, and ensure a wide radius to allow assisted maneuvering if it were ever necessary. Two are actually better than one when it comes to kitchen islands. Having an open floor plan helps create enough space to include an additional island, and you'll appreciate the extra surface and storage it can provide. Use an island to prepare a meal, while the outer island can be used to seat guests or complete homework at night.

Many homeowners choose to invest in home renovations that include additional storage space, especially as family sizes continue to grow. Ways to add the curved trend to your home include using furniture such as a round mirror, a coffee table, a decorative chair, a sofa or a rug. Before embarking on a renovation, consider your budget, lifestyle, and your family's unique needs. So haven't you heard of retrofuturism when it comes to interior design and home decor? That's OK, because this is the design trend of the future.

It's a lot of fun to get carried away by current trends, especially when you're also dreaming of a remodel to improve your home. Choosing to renovate can make you a happier homeowner and increase the value of your property if you ever decide to sell it. Kitchen islands are still a big trend, Angelesco says, as are domestic bars such as beverage centers and wine fridges, “as people seek to maximize the space of their fridge in the kitchen and make the bar area more of a focal point for hosting. Find out what design and home improvement trends have continued in recent years and what trends are new and notable.

To support the environment and do their part to combat climate change, many homeowners are investing in green renovations of their homes and adding more sustainable designs to their homes. With the rapid advancement of technology and the growing demand for convenience and connectivity, smart home technology will continue to be a popular trend in home renovations in the coming years. However, when the remodeling dust settles, you don't want to be stuck with trends that will quickly get old, or worse, that you don't like them as much as you thought. If you want to renovate your bathroom into a spa-like experience, you can add several luxurious features, such as ambient lighting and hydrotherapy jets.

Whether you're looking for simple updates or major remodeling projects, there are a lot of popular trends to consider. .