What should i do if i am not satisfied with the results of my remodeling project?

Most of the problems between contractors and landlords are due to lack of communication and lack of updates. Too often, contractors focus on the details of the project and don't adequately notify homeowners of daily developments and setbacks. While it's best to establish communication early on, if your relationship with your contractor is deteriorating, resume communication and make sure you have everything in writing. Text messages and emails are great for this; even if you have verbal communication, let the contractor know that you're going to send an email with a summary of the conversation to make sure you're on the same page.

This forces both of them to state their possible problems and they can consult them again if more problems arise. These imperfections can sometimes make it difficult to create a perfect remodel without first solving the underlying issues, even if the renovation has nothing to do with these areas of the house.

Some construction and remodeling companies have key staff who offer job offers and work with homeowners, but real workers may be less outstanding communicators. The Timmons home remodeling project was supposed to last a year, and instead, it has lasted nearly three years and cost 70 percent more than the original contract price. In addition, you may decide to fire your contractor and hire a new one to finish the remodel, but keep in mind that it can be quite a challenge. Or if the bathroom remodel demonstration began and discovered signs of a massive termite infestation, it's a topic that probably wasn't covered in the initial contract.